Beth Wozniak

Director, Finance

With 20 years of experience working at Brandtrust, I wear a variety of hats on a daily basis – the common thread holding them together being my passion for ensuring that Brandtrust uses wisdom in budgeting, spending and forecasting. I have the privilege of not only serving as the captain of our financial branch but pricing each client proposal for ultimate impact. Previously serving at the helm of some McDonald’s corporation Co-Op stores and a Controller for insurance, my interdisciplinary financial skills spread across many financial landscapes. On your average workday, I can be found delivering quality work with quality people – amazing teammates who have dedicated their valuable skills and years to this company.

I’m a wife, a mom to 2 adult kids, a world traveler, a dog mom, and a chicken mom. But first and foremost, I have a heart to want to share my faith in Christ through both my actions and in doing ministry work with women and babies. At home in Wisconsin, my husband and I are expanding our farm and sharing what we cultivate with our neighbors, so stop on by!

As Director of Finance, I have the privilege of guiding our leadership team with financial insight and clients throughout the life of a project to ensure accurate and timely budget management for maximum delight.


  • Culture List: The Bible – and when I have time, eating out at fun new restaurants!
  • Bucket Items: Visiting remaining 8 states and 2 continents on my list, and eventually be a grandmother!
  • Memorable Facts: At my very own Wozniak Acres, I have all kinds of animals including 40 chickens that require interesting methods of doctoring. I’m also known for being a very kind and patient person!
  • One Human Truth I Live By: Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you choose to react.
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