Ashley Colquitt-Finley

Associate Director, Client Services

I am an inclusive brand strategist, storyteller, marketer and people leader. Every day as an Associate Director, I seek to build the next evolution of actionable consumer insights and authentic brand strategy. My past roles can ultimately be defined as navigating uncharted territory, if there are questions, I’m driving toward answers. I’ve had the privilege of working across several different industries to channel the voices of consumers into authentic and inclusive strategic insights. I’ve played a pivotal leadership role in crafting and executing global brand and marketing strategies, one such campaign resulted in a staggering $12M raised for clean water and other humanitarian efforts, bringing clean water and sustainable living resources to over 240,000 people in need worldwide. My vocational aspiration is to catalyze human truths from communities we don’t often hear from to create true change in this world.

I’m a busy mom of a rambunctious son named Weston who love all things trucks and train, I also have a husband who loves the same! I’ve had incredible opportunities in life from living abroad in France, to watching a hippo give birth in Kenya, to crossing the finish lines of both the New York and Chicago marathon. When I’m not working on a DIY home project, you can find me continuously exploring the beautiful city of Chicago.

As a people leader and strategic thinker, I help masterfully define the purpose and core values that drive a brand to create actionable insights and creative paths forward.


  • Culture List: “101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think” by Briana Wiest.
  • Bucket Items: Go on an Alaskan cruise, buy and remodel a lake house and master the art of ceramics.
  • Memorable Facts: In high school, I was defensive basketball player of the year and nicknamed Baby Shaq!
  • One Human Truth I Live By: If you can’t find a way, make one.
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