Annalisa Funk

Associate Director, People & Culture

Having amassed a wealth of expertise spanning over 14 years as a seasoned practitioner and strategist in the realms of employee engagement and organizational culture, I thrive on envisioning grand possibilities while providing concrete avenues for employees to forge a profound connection with the broader essence of the brand. Throughout my career, I have spearheaded transformative endeavors, devised impactful communication strategies for pivotal business initiatives, and delivered invaluable leadership consulting services, both within the confines of organizations and to external partners. I’ve spent my entire career strategically looking at the health of the culture within a company. Whether at Southwest Airlines or at Brandtrust, ultimately, it’s the people that unlock the brand potential, therefore, it’s investment in the people that makes sense for the long haul.

I live in Chicago with my husband and toddler and adore the busyness and constant buzz that the city brings and serves as a backdrop for some incredible adventures. I enjoy running on the Chicago lakefront trail, watching all things Bravo, and finding fun cocktail bars to visit.

I have the privilege of walking with people along their career journeys – deriving immense satisfaction from orchestrating and contemplating the intricate systems that not only facilitate but also validate a vibrant culture. I believe a deliberately designed structure unleashes boundless potential.


  • Culture List: ”Me Talk Pretty One Day” by David Sedaris, Las Culturistas podcast and You’ve Got Mail.
  • Bucket Items: Live abroad, complete and Ironman Triathlon and learn to sail.
  • Memorable Facts: I love accents and enjoy workshopping them. Additionally, my sphere would describe me as decisive, strategic, theatrical and witty.
  • One Human Truth I Live By: Let people be beautiful.
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