Alex Millet

Alex is one of those people whose thirst for knowledge cannot be satiated. Thriving off the engagement of both sides of his brain, his multidisciplinary background leaves him uniquely able to see all sides of a business issue and ask the types of questions that lead to the most rewarding results. After completing his studies at the University of Pennsylvania, Alex worked as a website developer, marketing director, copywriter, and even spent time in a private equity firm. But his real passion lies in brand consulting, which he has done since 2005 for some of the largest brands in the country. He has extensive experience across many elements of brand strategy, customer experience, innovation, and design. Of his own work, Alex says, “I really enjoy shepherding strategy through the design process…it still feels almost magical to me.”

His motivation doesn’t just stop at branding. In 2012, he achieved his longstanding goal of sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. When he isn’t helping the best brands become even better, you can find him enjoying his other passions: baseball, books and, of course, boating.


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