Alex Millet

Managing Director, Client Services

I’ve spent the last ~20 years as a brand consultant devoted to the idea that the right idea, well-expressed, will win the day… eventually. Before Brandtrust I spent the better part of a decade at Publicis in New York, where I learned the ins and outs of brand strategy working on some of the world’s biggest brands. I also enjoyed the chance to work with designers and creatives to turn those ideas into expressions and experiences… some of which you’ve probably seen in a magazine, pulled out of your wallet, or stayed in while on a business trip. But something was missing. I wasn’t sure what it was, but Brandtrust showed me. It was Human Truth. Now my work still centers on brand strategy, but I devote a lot of my time to uncovering the insights that inform and inspire strategy at its best, and leave the activating of it to the professionals.

I live about 15 minutes from Brandtrust’s headquarters in Chicago with my wife, Claire, and two young Children, Ford and Bizzy. I’m a lifelong lover of words – listening to them, speaking them, reading them and writing them. Some say I can take my love of speaking them to an extreme during meetings and presentations, but those who know me know this comes from my deep belief in the potential of well-expressed ideas, and the power of arriving at a mutual understanding through the connective power of language. Outside of work I love sailing, exploring Chicago’s dynamic food scene (both on and off the beaten track) and spending time with family.

I lead the collaborative development and delivery of deep insights and Human Truth powered strategies to our clients through our amazing team of Brandtrust consultants.


  • Culture List: “The Sun Also Rises” by: Ernest Hemingway, SmartLess and Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.
  • Bucket Items: Sailing across the Pacific, writing a book, and getting my kids to finally put themselves to bed on their own.
  • Memorable Facts: I took a year off from college to be a SCUBA instructor in Seattle, WA, and I was a copywriter at an ad agency before the head of HR decided I’d make a better brand strategist
  • One Human Truth I Live By: Brand experience beats marketing promises every time.
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