Lindsey Bartel

With my Brandtrust origin story starting in 2013, I’ve had numerous roles within the Client Services team that has helped nurture, grow and now lead our Narrative Inquiry methodology. I strategically co-created our Rapid Cultural Assessment offering and continue to lead it’s evolution in our company. Professionally, I am well-versed in training others to help […]

Sandra Bauman, Ph.D.

Dr. Sandra Bauman brings her 20 years of experience in marketing research and consulting to her role as founder and principal of Bauman Research & Consulting, LLC, a woman-owned enterprise. During her career in research, Sandra has designed and managed over 250 studies for corporate and nonprofit clients in the areas of corporate image and […]

Vicky Bernstein

After studying marketing at Michigan State University, I took my first job to the skies with American Airlines. Once my husband and I started a family, I combined my passion for helping others plus my love for numbers and opened a Bookkeeping LLC, eventually leading me to my role as Brandtrust’s resident Accounting Manager. On […]

Kristen Bishop


With a natural sense of curiosity and a background in public relations and journalism, I bring a passion to shepherding clients through creating authentic, insight-inspired brand strategies that serve as north stars to guide their brands. My role as Director allows me to leverage my master’s degree in Positive Organizational Development and Change Management and […]

Dan Bryan

Dan has been a long time partner of Brandtrust. He has a diverse background, having studied Industrial Engineering, Communication, and Social Entrepreneurship. His undergraduate work and early career experience in engineering has prepared him to bring order to chaos with a proficiency for translating ideas into reality. In conjunction with our team, Dan has led […]

Meghan Bryan

I spent the early part of my sales career in more transactional roles, through which learned a lot about people and how to navigate a broad diversity of organizational challenges. The hallmark of my tenure at Brandtrust has been a focus and specialization on a more relational approach. I love that my current role allows […]

Gillian Carter

With a robust prior background canvassed in journalism, production, advertising and marketing, I began my Brandtrust journey in 2010 and have held various roles on the Business Development/Growth team building the marketing department from ground up. As an empathetic leader and dynamic change agent, I have deep a passion for spurring-on creative mindsets and bridging […]

Hui Ling Chen

As an integral part of the Business Development team at Brandtrust (and previous Client Services team member), I am energized by the work into deeper insights of consumer and human behavior. My vocational background has canvassed experience in nonprofit work focused on hunger, education and collective impact – priming me for the importance of leaning […]

Antonia Coffelt

With 16+ years as a strategic communications professional and principal thought leader to C-suite senior executives focused on internal/external engagement and project facilitation, I devise affirming mission-oriented experiences via the art of compelling storytelling. I develop thought-provoking, change-driven initiatives by navigating with diplomatic agility via a diverse, intersectional lens at the highest levels of leadership […]

Ashley Colquitt-Finley

I am an inclusive brand strategist, storyteller, marketer and people leader. Every day as an Associate Director, I seek to build the next evolution of actionable consumer insights and authentic brand strategy. My past roles can ultimately be defined as navigating uncharted territory, if there are questions, I’m driving toward answers. I’ve had the privilege […]

Jonathan Cook

I’ve been partnering with Brandtrust as a trusted guide via Emotional Inquiry research since the 1990s, when I shared research results using floppy discs and fax machines. While the technology I use to communicate insights has changed, the foundations of the method have been consistent, because the hopes and fears that motivate human behavior remain […]

Jessamyn Fitzpatrick

As a strategic guide at Brandtrust, I have privilege of working alongside market research tools like Emotional Inquiry that generates Human Truth via emotional mapping in order to build out consumer narratives and make connections across seemingly disparate backgrounds and experiences. I have spent the last decade years working at the intersection of theatre and […]