Kristi Karrenbrock

As a Senior Sales and Marketing Associate , Kristi believes paying attention to the details of our history and shared experiences is the best way we’ll have the eyes to see the endless possibilities for a more expansive future. Her energy and enthusiasm helps empower the Growth team to work seamlessly by overseeing the logistics […]

Sharon Sethna

Sharon brings her fascination of sociology and anthropology as an Associate Consultant, and an even bigger passion for Brandtrust and our drive for human truth. A perfectly balanced convergence of interests for someone who is driven to understand people in order to produce valuable insights and inspire change. Sharon’s love of understanding how culture and […]

Ashley Colquitt-Finley

Driven to realize the next iteration of brand strategy as it relates to consumers who want authentic relationships with altruistic brands, Ashley’s curiosities couldn’t be better suited for an Associate Director. Passionate about building brand identities from Human Truth, Ashley helps harness creative fuel and strategic insights to propel brands from potential to purpose. Prior […]

Jessamyn Fitzpatrick

Jessamyn Fitzpatrick brings her passion for understanding and empathizing with people to her role as a Researcher, ideal traits that support Brandtrust’s drive for human truth and transformation. A diverse background in art, theatre, and social justice education has elevated Jessamyn with the unique trait and privilege of making quick connections with people from different […]

Antonia Coffelt

Antonia Coffelt’s innate curiosity and passion for human truth has influenced and elevated her entire career. From living out her own investigative journalism adventure, like Woodward and Bernstein, while editor at of her college paper, through her practice as an experiential marketing & communications consultant helping organizations devise ways to engage their customers and clients, […]

Sandra Pimentel

Sandra thrives on partnering with people and in helping clients improve their business. She has spent her career using insights to develop growth strategies, be it through primary and secondary data or using a number of different methodologies to uncover the underlying emotions that truly drive behavior. Sandra is the Account Director at Brandtrust, specializing […]

Valerie Penrose

Valerie Penrose Proposal Manager

As Proposal Manager, Valerie is most excited when collaborating with the Growth and Client Services teams to develop solutions to complex business challenges. Detail-oriented by nature, she enjoys identifying the countless moving parts of a project and condensing them into a comprehensive proposal. Before Valerie joined the Brandtrust team, she gained experience in sales and […]

Rachel Plein

Rachel Plein

As a Senior Consultant, Rachel Plein finds joy in interrogating situations from every angle and creating frameworks to unravel complexity—a well-suited trait for the role. With exceptional experience across a wide array of industries and enduring curiosity, she loves helping brands solve their toughest challenges by infusing empathy into research to help them understand the […]

Pinelopi Margeti


Pinelopi Margeti’s deep curiosity and passion for psychology makes her an ideal teammate and Senior Associate Consultant at Brandtrust. A positive spirit and motivated to contribute, Pinelopi directs her energy to assist clients and her team to keep projects organized, on-time, and on-track. Pinelopi graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and […]

Hui Ling Chen

A true native to Chicago, Hui Ling Chen serves as a Senior Associate Consultant at Brandtrust. She assists clients and her fellow teammates by making sure every aspect of a project is going smoothly and on track. Her role entails handling scheduling, logistics, recruitment, and making sure everything stays on budget. Hui Ling earned her […]

Michael Forsberg

With a unique background in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors, Michael possesses a strong ambition to bring social impact across both types organizations. As an Associate Director, Michael helps his clients unlock hidden potential by listening, learning, and remixing existing truths into fresh ideas. Starting his career at global media agencies, Michael cut his […]

Jaimes “Jaime” McNeal

Jaime McNeal has focused his entire career satisfying his curiosity around how people behave in the work environment. With a Master of Arts degree in Industrial/Organization Psychology and currently finishing a PhD from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, he is perfectly suited for the Researcher role at Brandtrust. Prior to Brandtrust, Jaime was the […]