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The Big F Word: F-E-E-L

Next time you go to a supermarket to do your regular shopping, watch people get lost to the world as...

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price on emotion

Putting A Price On Emotion

Now With 30% More Emotion! Any Brand Manager worth his or her salt knows how to predict purchasing behavior. An...

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Innovation Starts With Empathy

The Heart of Game-Changing Innovation Everyone gets the power and potential of new ideas—but there is precious little research and...

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The Peak Customer Experience

It’s about the experience stupid! Can you imagine someone who works every possible angle to get a date with a...

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The Brand is Not Part of the Business; It IS the Business

People don’t invest a lot of time on details. They sort out the promise a brand makes and the meaning...

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rock climbers

Higher-Purpose Branding

IBM is an example of a company with integrity and authenticity, and as the best business leaders know, these are...

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Our Touchpoints – Total CX Experience Leaders Summit

In recent years, “Customer Experience” (CX) has become a growing buzz-phrase in branding circles as businesses find that their products...

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5 Ways to Steal Your Competitors’ Customers in 2014

Think you know what customers want? Think again.


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What to Expect in Marketing in 2014

Although Big Data tells us what is happening, it rarely tells us why. Too much reliance on the rational brain can lead to 'data, data everywhere and not a thought to think.' In 2014, marketers will stop drowning in data and starving for insights--and uncover those insights that can only be found in peeling back customers' deep emotional layers....

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Branding is the Most Powerful Yet Least Understood Business Strategy

Brands are about feelings and not facts. This is why businesses still struggle to grasp why people are drawn to some brands and not to others.


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