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Prospect Theory: How Perceptions of Risk and Gain Shape Customer Behavior

The question is a matter of life and death: A new disease is sweeping across the country, and epidemiologists project...

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Nudge theory

Nudge theory: How brands can empower customers through behavioral science

As the fathers of nudge theory, Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein have seen their ideas applied elegantly in business, health...

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Six essential behavioral economic principles for business

6 Essential Behavioral Economics Principles for Business

When Nobel Laureate Richard Thaler gave his students their grades, the average score was a 96. Out of 137, that...

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hub live logo

Beware of Shiny New Things

At the recent Hub Live Retail Experience Symposium in New York we heard persistent warnings throughout many of the presentations—do...

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PMRG Connect - Brandtrust

A Summary of PMRG: Patients. Technology. Behavioral Psychology.

Last year, the PMRG Connect conference focused on helping market researchers become strategic leaders within their organization. This year, they...

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Shopper Marketing Expo Brandtrust


The Path-to-Purchase Institute’s Shopper Marketing Expo was held October 21-23, 2014 in Minneapolis. I had a chance to attend and...

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price on emotion

Putting A Price On Emotion

Now With 30% More Emotion! Any Brand Manager worth his or her salt knows how to predict purchasing behavior. An...

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Synthesizing Across Platforms, Channels and Partners

Last month, I attended the Shopper Insights in Action Conference at Navy Pier in Chicago. This year’s theme around synthesis...

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The Nature of Responsibility

Did the devil make you do it, or can you blame your brain? Kristen Bishop shares some of the latest research on the brain and responsibility.


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Branding Is Tribal

We choose brands of products and services not only to help us express who we are but also to help us define who else we are like – our tribe. Rebeca Arbona writes about brand choice and tribalism.


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