Brand Strategy

“Great brands work in the subconscious…brands are about feelings, not facts.”

– Daryl Travis, CEO and Author

A brand isn’t a logo, tagline, or ad campaign. It’s a mental model, or heuristic, that lives in the consumer’s mind. Brands are based on trust. With each new positive experience, a brand’s trust grows, becoming deeply embedded and remarkably durable…and surprisingly human.

We live in an “attention economy,” requiring a strong brand to cut through the clutter and help consumers make faster—and therefore easier—decisions. The power of any brand is, simply, how it makes you feel. Competence, caring, commitment, and compatibility of values are what customers want and expect, just as they would from any friend or partner.

At its best, brand strategy is rooted in human truth. Brandtrust harnesses applied social and behavioral sciences to discover the critical intersection between unspoken human needs and your brand’s unique equity. Once we uncover the differentiated essence of your brand (and articulate those truths in an intelligent, actionable framework), our clients can become the partner consumers crave.

We deliver a strategic blueprint that includes:

  • Brand Psychological + Functional requirements
  • Appreciative approach to Brand DNA
  • Customer Psychological Narrative
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Story
  • Brand Manifesto and Internal Branding