The Power of Human Truth Workshop

Getting Beyond The Say/Do Gap Challenge To Create More “Ah-Ha” Moments

People often say one thing, but do another and aren’t able to explain why. Knowing why people do what they do is essential to success if you seek to motivate or change behavior. But it requires the ability to see deeper into a situation – beyond the obvious—to expose an insight and reveal the truth.

Teams will learn methods and techniques for framing and sequencing inquiries that lead to deeper, unbiased insight. They will further examine how we think about the nature of the inquiries and the way we conduct research to ensure human truths are revealed that drive clear and concise strategic directions.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn how humans think and what really influences behavior
  • Learn new rules, frameworks and tools to identify T.R.U.E. insight
  • Learn tips for effective probing
  • Apply learnings with hands-on exercises to get beyond the Say/Do Gap
  • Learn the 3 dimensions of a good question
  • Leave energized and ready to apply the findings!

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