The Power of Brand Experiences Built On Human Truth

Brandtrust's Building Better Brands Webinar Series

Want to grow brand equity and drive customer loyalty? Start with your brand experience.

Once upon a time, your “brand” was just your company logo. Today, leading brand practitioners agree that your brand is so much more than that. Your brand is made up of millions of fleeting impressions, all of which add up to an image of your company that lives in the hearts and minds of your customers. 

Yes, marketing messages play a large and intentional role in shaping this image. But, the experiences your customers have with your brand – before, during and after purchase – contribute even more. And, when your marketing messages and the experiences you craft for customers all emanate from a singular strategy based on deep insight, everything works together in a way that builds your brand reputation and contributes to business results. 

Join us for a discussion of what this looks like at its best, including examples from familiar brands that illustrate the power of an experience first approach.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • How a holistic and unified approach to brand strategy builds enduring equity
  • The unique power of brand experience to shape consumer perceptions and build brand value
  • Why human truth is the best foundation for experience design
  • Walkthroughs of case studies from the insurance and healthcare categories



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