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October 23-25, 2023

Denver, CO

Join Brandtrust at The Market Research Event in Denver, CO October 24-26, 2023. 

Don’t miss our client speaker sessions featuring Estée Lauder, General Mills, Microsoft, Purdue University, and Zillow.

And be sure to visit Brandtrust in the exhibit hall (Booth #406) to reconnect, relax, charge your devices, and grab your Gift of Human Truth. You read that right — you’ll have the opportunity to select one of 12 books we’ll feature from our favorite authors as our gift to you!

Brandtrust TMRE Speakers

General Mills | Matt Thell | Global Strategy & Innovation Leader

Nourishing Joy: Understanding The Human Experience of Everyday Happiness Through Food

General Mills set out to conduct deep, emotional research aimed to discover the core dimensions, drivers, and connections surrounding the concept of joy—specifically understanding daily moments of joy and, in particular, the connection that it has with food and food-related decisions.

  • Monday, 10/23/23 | 11:55 am – 12:20 pm MDT

Zillow | Colette Rosenhaus | Principal Insights Strategist

Breaking Down Barriers: How Zillow Utilized Quali-Quant Striving for Inclusivity

Zillow sought to understand more about the experiences of renters and buyers who face substantial barriers in their housing journeys with the ultimate goal of becoming more inclusive and empathetic in their product design.

  • Monday, 10/23/23 | 12:25 pm – 12:50 pm MDT

Microsoft | Haley Swafford | Market Research Manager

Love Revolution: How Emotional Insights Mapped Microsoft’s Brand Love Model

Microsoft sought to strengthen brand love with key consumer and commercial audiences. The insights revealed how the brand is performing today and where there is potential to improve in the future, and the team learned how to understand and influence brand love beyond a traditional rational approach with an emotional, humanistic method.

  • Tuesday, 10/24/23 | 11:50 am – 12:15 pm MDT

Estée Lauder | Colleen Funkey | VP Consumer Insights

Transforming the Beauty Industry: Leveraging the Subconscious Associations of Aging to Pave an Inclusive Path Forward

Estée Lauder sought to understand the subconscious perceptions of beauty and aging in order to help shift the trajectory of the beauty industry to one that is inclusive of all ages. Colleen will reveal how deep insights around universal truths on beauty and aging inspired a calling to better address women’s needs and informed a multi-year strategy.

  • Tuesday, 10/24/23 | 12:20 pm – 12:45 pm MDT

Purdue University | Speakers:

  • Ethan Braden | EVP, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
  • Kati Pratt | Executive Director of Brand and Marketing Strategy 
  • Dave Moore | Market Research Consultant

Purdue Global’s Comeback: How Insights Inspire Brand Transformation

Learn how Purdue University tapped its brand essence, respected reputation, and land grant roots to completely rethink, reimagine, and relaunch Purdue Global – its online university for working adults, and how that story is being shared through a multi-channel campaign that recognizes working adults as real people with real challenges versus leads to be generated.

  • Tuesday, 10/23/23 | 2:05 pm – 2:30 pm MDT

Brandtrust | Speakers:

Tequila Bottles to Vaccine Hesitancy: Revealing Deeper, Decision-Driving Insight at Scale

Whether you’re trying to choose the right bottle color for your new tequila brand, or looking to learn why even healthcare professionals refuse a Covid vaccine, learn how narrative-based research can inform a brand positioning that drives relevance and connection with customers. Brandtrsut’s qual at scale methodology Narrative Inquiry gives you deeper insight that informs better decision making wrapped in the agility and efficiency of an online methodology.

  • Tuesday, 10/24/23 | 2:35 pm – 3:00 pm MDT

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