The J.M. Smucker Company – Of Roles and Rituals: Driving Consumer Connection through Brand Evolution

Folgers has long enjoyed an iconic brand equity and strong affinity in the coffee category. In the midst of a shifting consumer landscape and new competitive entrants, however, Folgers was not seeing the kind of penetration they deserved. Using consumer research as the foundation, they sought to translate their storied legacy into a modern expression and offering that meets consumers’ evolving coffee needs. In this presentation, you will hear Folgers share their journey to uncovering the evolving role of coffee today and Folgers unique role in that evolution, and walk away with insight into how to apply these learnings to your own brand.

In this session, attendees will takeaway:

  • Learn how Folgers leveraged social science based research approaches to uncover deep, actionable insights for the brand.
  • Learn how to uncover your brands unique role in order to win in an ever changing, consumer landscape.
  • Learn how Folgers applied these learnings to transform and evolve the Folgers brand

Presenter: Jill Boyce, Vice President, Consumer & Market Insights

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