Solving Pharma’s Toughest Challenges

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Today’s pharmaceutical brand marketers are under immense pressure. They are expected to increase sales despite budget cuts and regulatory oversight in markets saturated with competitive brands. Consequently, brand insight teams are being called upon to answer some of the marketing teams’ most vexing questions.

“How can we position our product during launch when its efficacy and safety profiles are no better than the incumbent drug?”

“Why don’t physicians prescribe our product more when it’s clearly superior to the competitive brand?”

“How can we encourage consumers to ask their doctors to prescribe our brand?”

To resolve these questions and arrive at decisions, the pharmaceutical industry relies heavily on data. While data can describe behavior, it is limited in its ability to explain behavior. Additionally, it is not uncommon for market research findings to be incongruent with actual behavior. For example, physicians who claim that efficacy and safety are the two most important considerations continue to prescribe an inferior product. Patients who say they’ll adhere to lifesaving drugs are noncompliant. Consumers who state that an ad concept is convincing never try the product. There’s often a disconnect between what is said in traditional research and real-life behavior—a disconnect that can be unraveled with a better understanding of the inner workings of the brain.

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