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Newark, NJ

Join Brandtrust at the Pharma Market Research Conference (PMRC) in Newark on February 8-9, 2024, and don’t miss our must-see presentation, Centering Patients as People: A Practical Guide to Incorporating Patient Centricity in Market Research. Connect with us at our booth for a “Gift of Insight”—one of our favorite books from our favorite thought leaders!


Centering Patients as People: A Practical Guide to Incorporating Patient Centricity in Market Research

As marketers and market researchers, we are deeply familiar with the mechanics of the treatments we bring to market for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. From a medication’s efficacy to its side effects, drug and brand are often the default lens through which we see the world.
Yet the people we serve who need treatment are not myopically focused on their medical condition. Patients are people first, and they balance their health alongside their careers, their finances, their passions, and their relationships. How, then, might we bridge the gap between our perceptions of the patients we serve–and the reality of their lived experiences?

In this session, we’ll share fresh ideas to shift from a mindset that centers brands first to one that centers patients first. Join us to learn:

  • Nuances in the experiences of people with early-stage cancer, late-stage cancer, and chronic conditions
  • Methodological approaches to help center the experiences of people with different conditions in market research
  • Strategies for socializing and internalizing patient centricity within your team and across internal stakeholder groups


Danielle Jacobs | AstraZeneca
Former Associate Director, Immuno-Oncology Marketing

Bailey Kielarowski | Brandtrust
Associate Director

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