LavAzza Professional – Coffee Break: Uncovering the Oasis of Happiness in the Workplace

Working can be rewarding, but it can also be a place of restraint and stress, and our coffee and other beverage breaks tend to be an important part of getting through our most turbulent days. LavAzza sought to understand the deeper role and emotional drivers of both hot and cold drinks for employees in the workplace in order to deliver optimized products and experiences to the workforce. Join LavAzza as they share their research journey to uncover the human truths around the workplace experience, environment, and what work and workplace beverage breaks truly mean to people, and learn how these insights were leveraged to amplify the benefits of hot and cold drinks in the workplace – ultimately inspiring marketing and innovation activation.

In this session, attendees will takeaway:

  • Discover how to align category needs and functional and emotional benefits to deeper human drivers, in order to create meaningful connections between a brand and its consumers.
  • Learn how methodologies grounded in the social and behavioral sciences can be leveraged to build successful brand strategies and innovations.

Presenter: Julie Kimelman, Senior Marketer

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