Webinar Title Brandtrust's Building Better Brands Webinar Series How Human Truth Powers Breakthrough Creative

How Human Truth Powers Breakthrough Creative

Brandtrust's Building Better Brands Webinar Series

Need Your Campaign to Connect on a Deeper Level? Start with Deeper Insight

Globally, brands spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year developing and broadcasting creative campaigns with the goal of increasing brand awareness and driving positive and differentiating brand associations among their audiences. Studies have shown that as much as 70% of media ROI is directly linked to the quality of the creative driving these campaigns – but what drives the quality of the creative?

Sure, the people make a difference – your marketing team’s savviness and experience, your agency team’s brilliance and fresh thinking – but in our work with scores of Fortune 1000 brands over the years we’ve found a common thread running through high impact campaigns: a creative strategy grounded in Human Truth.

Uncovering the emotional and non-conscious drivers that shape decision-making in your category is the key to developing breakthrough strategies that connect on a deeply human level. The best marketers go even further, investing the time to translate revealed Human Truth into a clear and compelling creative brief with their agency partners, reaping immense rewards and improving the bottom line.

Join the webinar to learn more about:

  • What’s different about creative built on deeper insight and better strategy
  • Why human truth enables deeper connection and competitive differentiation
  • How to use the power of memory and emotion to uncover and connect to human truth
  • Proven methodologies that will improve your creative and build your brand
  • Best practice examples from top brands like Ram Trucks, Zillow and more


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