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The Non-user Fallacy: How Abreva Leveraged Loyalists to Convert Non-users

At the time when GSK engaged with Brandtrust, the Abreva team possessed considerable knowledge regarding the category and consumer’s needs and motivations. However, the brand did not understand the disconnect between non-users desires for treatment and the rationalizations at shelf to choose less expensive, second tier brands. Why was the Abreva team missing the mark with non-users when all signs pointed to ‘yes’? They were chasing the wrong idea and asking the wrong questions.

While a typical approach would focus on studying non-users and uncovering their attitudes toward the brand and their rationale for not using the brand, Abreva partnered with Brandtrust to understand how and why non-users became users. By focusing on those who currently use the brand, the brand was able to not only uncover what obstacles prevent non-users from trial but also what motivates non-users to move into trial.

This webinar features guest Elizabeth Latoracca, Global Insights Director of Pain Management at GlaxoSmithKline, and Brandtrust’s own Kristian Aloma.

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