EMOTIONAL BRANDING: How Successful Brands Gain the Irrational Edge

How do you launch a product in today’s ultra-competitive and often saturated markets, break through the clutter, and develop strong and lasting customer loyalty? Get in touch with your customers’ deepest emotions, of course.

Emotional Branding teaches you the how’s and why’s of, “How does our product or service make our customers feel?” Author, Daryl Travis, leads you on a journey filled with colorful ideas and bottom-line lessons that will teach you how to instill brand loyalty in your customers. Whether you are a CEO, an advertising guru, or an innovative businessperson, you will discover how to use a brand’s mystique to create powerful and lasting emotional connections with your customers. Travis also addresses:

  • Branding as a product of intuitive thinking
  • How people develop emotional responses to brands
  • Bringing together a company’s elements to form a brand
  • Developing successful offshoot brands from existing ones
  • And much more!

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