Brandtrust’s Human Truth Workshop Series

Brandtrust’s Workshop series is centered on applied social sciences and the understanding of human behavior, both keys to unlocking the needs and desires of consumers. We want to share our passion for learning and human understanding with other curious cats who desire to make a difference in their fields and lives.

If you’ve ever desired to become a better storyteller, ask better questions, discover the secret life of insights, or just to make better choices, then these workshops are for you.

There are a number of session modules, which can be selected based on your learning objectives. These are designed as one-day sessions that typically follow a three-step process: Principles, Methods & Tools, and Applications. There is a lot of hands-on practice in every session and we promise you will leave with new skills that will impact your work and life!

Available Workshops

A More Beautiful Question Workshop
The art of questioning has been lost over time. In this workshop, we will show you how to re-discover it in order to drive breakthrough thinking.

The Skill of Storytelling Workshop
The power and fundamentals of good story, and tools and frameworks for becoming better story builders and tellers.

Business of Behavioral Economics Workshop
The human Intention/Action Gap & the Interventions that drive behavior change.

Essentials of Empathy
The Power of Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes.

Storycasting® Workshop
How to build a strategic plan through the framing tools of story that can be a meaningful source of direction for your team or company.

Live Knowledge Mapping Workshop
An interactive session focusing on the various components of a Knowledge Map, how to get the most out of it, and how to build one on your own.

The Power of Human Truth Workshop
An introduction to the subconscious, System 1 insights, and how to conquer the Say/Do Gap Challenge.


Learn about all of Brandtrust’s Human Truth Workshops here.

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