Designing + activating a Customer Experience strategy that aligns an entire system
Facing unprecedented changes in healthcare market dynamics, Orlando Health – the largest healthcare provider in the greater Orlando area – saw an incredible opportunity to change the way they meet patients’ needs. Specifically, they sought to elevate the overall patient experience, with emphasis on the internal culture critical to its delivery. Toward this goal, they partnered with Brandtrust to understand the human truths driving patient and employee Orlando Health experiences and to guide a holistic brand activation.


The combination of Emotional Inquiry with patients and Appreciative Inquiry with employees and providers revealed the patients’ underlying emotional drivers and the emotional DNA of the Orlando Health brand. Marked by critical moments that matter and highlighting the external and internal intersections, a cohesive “The Orlando Health Way” story emerged.


Grounded in these insights, Brandtrust and Orlando Health first developed Brand and CX Blueprints designed to strategically anchor the organization’s shift to holistic ideal patient experience delivery. Additionally, Brandtrust led an internal culture engagement process that drove grassroots insights internalization, and activation throughout the organization and resulted in the development of a Cultural Blueprint designed to guide consistent and ongoing internal activation.


Ultimately, Orlando Health continued significant steps to guarantee the brand’s internal activation, including but not limited to key activities in partnership with Brandtrust: The formation of a Customer Experience Executive Council trained to “own” ongoing innovation against and delivery on the Cultural Blueprint & Reimagining specific patient touchpoints, including an improved patient scheduling experience that directly aided in reduced overall patient readmissions. Finally, Orlando Health has incorporated relationship data into corporate success metrics to guarantee ongoing priority and delivery.