What to Expect in Marketing in 2014

Although Big Data tells us what is happening, it rarely tells us why. Too much reliance on the rational brain can lead to ‘data, data everywhere and not a thought to think.’ In 2014, marketers will stop drowning in data and starving for insights–and uncover those insights that can only be found in peeling back customers’ deep emotional layers.We would love to hear what you expect from marketing in 2014! Please share here or on Twitter and tag your tweet with #HowDoesItMakeYouFeel or simply, #HDIMYF. Daryl’s new book, How Does It Make You Feel? Why Emotion Wins The Battle of Brands, is now available for purchase digitally on Amazon.com and print versions will be available January 2014. Follow HDIMYF updates on Twitter @BTCEO and @Brandtrust®!

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Brand Building Resolutions for 2014:

  • Spend some quality time with your customers. Look beyond the obvious; strive to understand not only what they’re doing but why they’re doing it.

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