Eudaimonia: How Health Care Brands Can Fulfill the Lives of Their Customers

What is best for human beings? This question anchors Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, the ancient Greek philosopher’s most extensive treatise on what a life well-lived entails. Certainly, Aristotle suggested, most people agree that specific aims are desirable: Few would dispute that it is good to have friends or maintain one’s physical health, for instance. Yet, these […]

What Neuromarketing Can Tell You About Customers

The tumor appeared near the front of Elliot’s brain, crowding a region called the ventromedial frontal lobe. When doctors removed it, his life fell to pieces. Following his surgery, Elliot’s once-successful career plummeted, jeopardized by inexplicable errors of judgment. He eventually lost his job and was unable to find another. His happy marriage disintegrated, as […]

Achieving Trust Through Action: How to Build Brand Trust in 7 Steps

It was just days before the wedding, and Jay was poised to attend shoeless. To make matters worse, he was the best man. He’d ordered the shoes the groom had selected from Zappos, but they were routed to the wrong location in a cruel postal error. When he called UPS, begging them to reverse their […]

Want Breakthrough Insight?
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Want Breakthrough Brand Insight

In the fall of 1997, Dr. Andre Briend was having a perfectly ordinary breakfast at home when his gaze settled, just for a moment, on a jar of Nutella. Something suddenly clicked in his mind, and a deadly problem he had battled for more than 20 years was solved. In that instant, he had a […]

Shopper-Centric Thinking Begins With Human Empathy

I recently attended the Shopper Marketing Expo in Minneapolis, and was particularly struck by Peter Hoyt’s,comments on the first day. Peter, the Path to Purchase Institute Executive Director and CEO, indicated that we are undergoing a tectonic shift in marketing because of the shopper empowerment revolution. And, as a consequence, product manufacturers can no longer […]


The Path-to-Purchase Institute’s Shopper Marketing Expo was held October 21-23, 2014 in Minneapolis. I had a chance to attend and hear the latest on what’s going on at Walmart from Andy Murray, SVP Creative, who gave a keynote address. In summary, he spoke about Walmart’s definition of shopper marketing, the principles for success, how Walmart […]

Sleep on It

Songwriting Satisfaction I have a few friends who are songwriters. They spend hours in their homes, studios, coffee shops and anywhere they can find inspiration, picking away at their guitars and pouring their souls into notebooks, trying to find that one melody or lyric that will allow them to burst onto the music scene like […]

Synthesizing Across Platforms, Channels and Partners

Last month, I attended the Shopper Insights in Action Conference at Navy Pier in Chicago. This year’s theme around synthesis to achieve more holistic activation struck a particular cord with me. To accomplish this synergizing of ecosystems including digital and bricks and mortar, presenters agreed you must have the right insights, which means more than […]

Brandtrust’s TMRE Top 5 Takeaways

Brandtrust recently attended The Market Research Event (TMRE) conference held in Nashville, TN. We sent our largest contingency to date to learn, observe, and gather trends, insights and best practices that are shaping the future of an industry about which we care so much. The 2.5 days organized by TMRE were full to say the least. The challenge every 50 minutes was deciding which session to attend next.

Segmentation First Aid

Brandtrust CEO Daryl Travis diagnoses the problems with traditional consumer segmentations and offers an alternate approach based on human universals.

The Mind of the Consumer Is Boss

Brandtrust's Shopper Insight Partner, Suzanne Cheves, shares some pointed remarks by former Procter & Gamble CEO, AG Lafley on the importance of getting inside the consumer's mind.  Brandtrust agrees!