The Path-to-Purchase Institute’s Shopper Marketing Expo was held October 21-23, 2014 in Minneapolis. I had a chance to attend and hear the latest on what’s going on at Walmart from Andy Murray, SVP Creative, who gave a keynote address. In summary, he spoke about Walmart’s definition of shopper marketing, the principles for success, how Walmart […]

Innovation Starts With Empathy

The Heart of Game-Changing Innovation Everyone gets the power and potential of new ideas—but there is precious little research and understanding about how to create consistent processes around generating them. Yet enlightened companies with good innovation track records agree on one critical point—meaningful innovation is fueled by understanding customers’ lives and needs. In The Game Changer, A.G. […]

The Peak Customer Experience

It’s about the experience stupid! Can you imagine someone who works every possible angle to get a date with a special person and then doesn’t bother to shower, shows up late and is in a bad mood all night? That’s just crazy or stupid. But many companies are fine spending millions to attract new customers […]

FEI: Magic or Models? (Hint: start with WHY)

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Front End of Innovation Conference in Boston last month. It was a terrific opportunity to engage with both thought leaders and practitioners and to explore some of the most difficult questions and exciting opportunities around the innovation space. I think we all walked away with more intelligence and empathy—and that’s […]

Our Touchpoints – Total CX Experience Leaders Summit

In recent years, “Customer Experience” (CX) has become a growing buzz-phrase in branding circles as businesses find that their products are more and more difficult to differentiate or stay differentiated, and messaging struggles to reach the eyes and ears of target customers. Meanwhile the great, inspiring, if-I-hear-about-it-one-more-time-I-might-barf brand success stories of our time—Apple, Starbucks, Southwest, […]

Caught, Not Taught

What's the difference between how folks should think about your brand inside and outside of the company?  Not very much, if you do it right.  Brandtrust CEO Daryl Travis shares some thoughts on internal branding.

A Consultation on Consultants

Since we’re consultants and advisors to our clients, Brandtrust set out to understand what it means to hire consultants, and why our clients do it. Katie Weber shares a little perspective on what we learned.

All Kinds Of Motivation

Brandtrust partner Rebeca Arbona relates some of Daniel Pink’s thinking on employee compensation and workplace motivation from his book Drive to consumer pricing and purchase motivation.

Superfans And Trekkies

At Brandtrust, we prefer to study your best customers first.  They've traveled the furthest with your brand and can tell you how to get others to do the same.  The best way to understand where your brand should go next is to learn where it has been and what is working best.