3 Concepts from ARF RE: THINK

We recently attended the ARF RE:THINK conference in New York City. The conference was well programmed and there were some fantastic speakers. More than I had time to see, despite my desires to see them all. Out of the ideas that are running through my head, the following three stand out as among the most […]

A Day in Survey Land

Chris Hoel uses his own experiences as inspiration to explore what motivates respondents to participate in survey based research

Segmentation First Aid

Brandtrust CEO Daryl Travis diagnoses the problems with traditional consumer segmentations and offers an alternate approach based on human universals.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

While current magic tricks fascinate her, Katie Weber can't imagine what future illusions might hold as magicians and researchers team up to explore the mysteries of perception, misdirection, and the human mind.

Caught, Not Taught

What's the difference between how folks should think about your brand inside and outside of the company?  Not very much, if you do it right.  Brandtrust CEO Daryl Travis shares some thoughts on internal branding.

The Mind of the Consumer Is Boss

Brandtrust's Shopper Insight Partner, Suzanne Cheves, shares some pointed remarks by former Procter & Gamble CEO, AG Lafley on the importance of getting inside the consumer's mind.  Brandtrust agrees!

Conspicuous Conservation

As badging is achieved through consumption, shall we call conspicuous conservation anti-badging? Katie Weber explores the behavior shift from conspicuous consumption to conspicuous conservation.

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Priming

Whatever you believe and whatever you celebrate at this time of year, 'tis the season for one thing, for sure, and that's priming.  Kristen Bishop shares some interesting thoughts on shopping, priming, and how it all fits together.

It’s Branded Into My Memory

Kristian Aloma explains the neuroscience of how memory works and how that relates to brands.  Unfortunately, even he can’t help you find your keys.

Metaphorically Speaking

Why do we paint pictures with words?  Brandtrust CEO Daryl Travis unravels the knot, clears the air and sheds some light on why we need metaphors.