“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

– Albert Einstein

We start with humanity first. Everyone understands the power of new ideas—but there is precious little understanding about how to create consistent processes around generating them. Yet, companies with good innovation track records agree—meaningful innovation is fueled by understanding customers’ lives and needs, needs they can’t or won’t express. And the secret to identifying and designing for these unarticulated needs is tapping into the non-conscious mind, or System 1.

In The Game Changer, A.G. Lafley and Rom Charan make it abundantly clear, “The most essential component to game-changing innovation is deeply understanding your consumer at both the rational and emotional levels. This goes well beyond basic demographics and psychographics. It requires deep understanding of what drives their emotions. It requires understanding not only their need, but also their aspirations. You must get an appreciation for who they are, how they live, and—yes, of course—how your product can best improve their lives.”

At Brandtrust, we leverage methodologies, rooted in applied social and behavioral sciences, to unlock the non-conscious needs and desires of customers. Through this approach, we’re able to blueprint high-impact products and services based on the human truth of how we decide and behave.

We deliver:

  • Psychological/Emotional Requirements
  • Brand Innovation Story
  • Innovation Brand Stretch Strategy
  • Product, Package, Service Concepts
  • Concept Assessment (via Implicit, System 1, testing)
  • Innovation Pipeline
  • Human-Centered Design
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